Emergency Evacuation

Palm Trees in a Hurricane

In the event of a severe weather event such as tropical storms and hurricanes, PCPT works with the Pasco County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to assist with evacuation by providing transportation to designated shelters. A list of the shelters will be posted on the EOC site prior to a pending storm. Residents and visitors can also call the EOC’s Resident Information Center during an event for any questions concerning shelters at (727) 847-8959.

Citizens who need transportation to a “Special Needs Shelter” must pre-register (PDF) with the Pasco County Office of Emergency Management by going to its website, or by calling (727) 847-8137. Registering for the “Special Needs Program”, or SNAPPS, ensures that the Emergency Operations Center will contact the registered persons by telephone to see if they need transportation to a Special Needs Shelter.

PCPT recommends that residents and visitors keep a close watch on any storm, and evacuate right away when recommended by the Pasco County EOC.

PCPT will resume service as soon as possible after a storm passes. PCPT will keep the local media updated about the status of the bus service, so watch the local television stations or listen to broadcast and weather radio stations for the most up-to-date information.