Wireless Facilities

Wireless Facilities (Cell Towers) 

Wireless Facilities are physical structures, equipment, and antennas associated with the provision of wireless communications.

The intent and purpose of the Wireless Facilities Ordinance is to establish standards for the location, siting, and design of wireless facilities.

WFs are a permitted use or a conditional use (PDF) in all land use classifications of the Comprehensive Plan (PDF) and all Zoning Districts, provided that such comply with the standards of Section 1002 Wireless Facilities (PDF) and the permitting process required.

Pasco County conducts a tier review of proposed WFs. A WF will fall into one of three tiers. Tier One WFs include placement of facilities on new or existing utility poles or structures and mostly collocations (handled through building permit process). Tier Two WFs include replacement or relocation of existing WFs and new WFs which meet certain location and design standards (requires a neighborhood notice, site plan review and building permit issuance). Tier Three WFs consist of all other WFs that do not qualify for Tier One or Tier Two review (requires neighborhood meeting, conditional use approval, public hearing, site plan review and building permit issuance).

On December 13, 2016, the Board of County Commissioners adopted Ordinance 16-40 (PDF) adopting an 18-month moratorium on the acceptance of applications for, or the approval of permits or development orders for towers within rights-of-way.