Planning Process and Timeline

Critical Steps and Planning Timeframe

Pasco County’s Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan (PDRP) was developed through a collaborative process that involved a wide range of participants including, public and private agencies, non-profit organizations and the local community. Some of the crucial steps within this planning process has been - identifying post-disaster needs, understanding our vulnerability, analyzing current capacity to recover, and developing actions and strategies to support long-term redevelopment. Seven Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) that were formed as a part of the PDRP planning process have been working together on these tasks since January 2011.

The following is the final plan that was prepared as a result of this planning effort:

Pasco County's Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan (PDF)

Planning Timeframe

Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan Timeline

We continue to refine the Plan and make updates, using the lessons learned from case studies, national and regional trends, best practices, experience of other communities that have been through major disaster events and our own experience of Tropical Storm Debby. If you have any comments or ideas for post-disaster planning that you would like to share with us, please let us know.