Why Other Corporations are Choosing Pasco and Tampa Bay

Did you know?

Tampa Bay and Pasco County have emerged as the preferred destination for corporate shared services operations – a claim easily backed up with the fact that 10% of the Fortune 50 and 9% of the Fortune 100 have located here.

Big Names in Pasco and Tampa Bay:

Mettler-Toledo Meopta
PricewaterhouseCoopers Honeywell
TRU Simulation + Training Inc
Southeast Personnel Leasing
Coca Cola Enterprises
The Nielsen Company
Pall Aeropower
Adams Arms
Franklin Templeton
BlueGrace Logistics
Zephryhills Water
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Seaway Plastics
FedEx LTL Administrative Center
Adams Arms
Raymond James Financial
Lockheed Martin
State Farm Insurance

Key decision factors that brought these companies to  Pasco County and Tampa Bay:

  • Access to human resources talent – there are over 64,000 four-year college students in our area.
  • Tampa International Airport – non-stop access to nearly 70 major North American cities, competitive fares, and within 30 minutes drive time to Pasco.
  • Attitude toward business – the local governments and business leaders have a strong interest in supporting the growth of all businesses in the Tampa Bay area.
  • Competitive operating costs – the cost of labor and real estate is substantially less than in New York City. Labor is estimated at 15-20%+ less than in New York City and real estate is estimated at 50-70% less than in New York City. 

Why wait? 
Make the move to the Pasco!

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