Development of Regional Impact 

January 13, 2015, the Board of County Commissioners adopted a development order amendment for Connerton New Town DRI #233, Resolution No. 15-74 (PDF).

The Comprehensive Plan contains a Future Land Use Element for Connerton, FLU Goal 5. It can be found here (PDF).

Additional documents for the Connerton DRI #233 can be found on the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council's website.

Location Map

Connerton Location Map

Master Planned Unit Development

On October 09, 2007, the Board of County Commissioners approved the Master Planned Unit Development (MPUD), Petition No. 6727 (PDF), approving:

· 1,170 Single-Family Detached Residences, 264 Single-Family Attached Residences, and 270 Multiple-Family Residential Units
· 36,000 square feet of Commercial
· 25,000 square feet of Office on 9 acres
· 949.3 Acres

Approved MPUD Plan

Plans Under Review

Connerton Corner
Connerton Village 2 Phase 1A, Parcel 211
Connerton Village 2, Phase 2, Parcel 214
McDonald's Connerton

Plans Under Review