Public Works

 Welcome to the Public Works Department

Purpose Statement

To maintain, protect and improve the public infrastructure that is essential for the safety, mobility and quality of life for Pasco County citizens.

Stormwater Management Division:

Manages Pasco County's stormwater management programs and maintains the county's stormwater drainage system.

Road & Bridge (Operations) Division:

Provides and maintains a safe roadway network for the traveling public. The division is dedicated to keeping our roadways safe.

Pavement Management Division:

Provide County-wide road inventory and condition assessment, easements and right-of-ways (ROW) acquisition, ROW infrastructure inspection, paving residential, arterial, and collector roads; develop management and maintenance schedules to provide residents with an increased use and enjoyment of their property, improved public health, safety, and welfare considerations; and better access for public safety and service vehicles.

Planning & Scheduling Division:

To plan, estimate, and schedule maintenance work in support of operations. Have a problem, pothole, drainage issue? Planning & Scheduling works with residents to resolve these issues.

Public Works Department

Inspecting a Site

Inspecting a Site

Applying a Road Stripe

Applying a Road Stripe

Paving a County Road

Paving a County Road

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Road and Bridge (Operations)
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