Entrepreneurship Programs

Pasco's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Over the past four years, Pasco County has partnered with the Pasco EDC and other agencies in the Pasco Enterprise Network (PEN) in the creation of a series of interrelated programs aimed at stimulating and nurturing small business growth and development. This has included the following:

  • Development of the Pasco Enterprise Network (PEN) to coordinate small business technical assistance programs
  • Delivery of Grow FL technical assistance and peer-to-peer networking programs to second stage companies through the Bizgrow 2.0 program
  • Creation of the Pasco Microloan Program to make small loans available to start-up companies, in coordination with PEN assistance
  • Implementation of the SMARTstart business incubator system in Dade City and New Port Richey

As the lead, Pasco EDC’s ultimate aim has been to link these programs in a robust system that generates scalable businesses on a regular basis, along with business investment and job creation. Pasco's Economic Development Plan supports and calls for robust programs for the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The future development of the expanded ecosystem has been envisioned as a large, state-of-the-art business accelerator, suitably equipped and centrally located, that entrepreneurs could plug into and access inexpensive space, technical assistance, capital and collaboration with like-minded individuals. In addition, the target market focus will include the Stage 1 and Stage 2 companies within 5 specific markets of Pasco’s business community. These five markets include:

  • Florida Resident Businesses: These companies are either a standalone company in the region or one that reports to another company located in Florida
  • Expansion Businesses: These companies are currently located in Pasco and are expanding
  • Expansion Start-ups: These companies are new to the community and were spun off by existing Pasco businesses
  • New Start-ups: These companies are new to Pasco and have no prior affiliation with any existing business
  • Primary Industries (External Markets): These companies sell goods and services primarily to regions and countries beyond Pasco

For more information regarding Pasco's Entrepreneurial programs, visit www.pascoedc.com.