Real Property & Planning


The Real Property & Planning Division is one of eight divisions that make up the Internal Services Department. The Real Property & Planning Division is responsible for acquisition and/or conveyance functions that involve the purchase of private property for a Pasco County Government need or the conveyance / exchange of County owned land / title interests to private owners, other government entities or third party owners.

Primary Function

Under this responsibility the primary function of the Real Property & Planning Division is to acquire land for right of way purposes on County thoroughfare transportation improvement projects.


These transactions are processed by the Real Property & Planning Division in strict compliance with the Real Estate Right of Way Acquisition Process and the various state regulations that must be followed including federal laws / regulations which govern state / federally funded projects.

Additional Responsibilities

Additional responsibilities of the Real Property & Planning Division are the vacation of unneeded public rights to right of ways and easements along with technical support services for other County departments, divisions, and offices such as the determination of parcel boundaries and acreage, review of legal descriptions and maps, and review and assessment of existing title matters.