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FPAC Regular Meeting Schedule
Pasco County, FL

 FPAC Meets 2nd Wednesday of Each Month Every 3 Months
All Meetings 10am-11:30am

Meeting Locations vary.  See agenda or meeting schedule.

2018 FPAC Meeting Schedule (PDF)

2019 FPAC Meeting Schedule (Proposed)

Meeting Date

 Approved Minutes

Regular9/19/18Draft Agenda (PDF)
Regular6/13/18Draft Agenda (PDF)
Regular3/14/18Draft Agenda (PDF)

Regular12/14/2017Draft Agenda (PDF)
Regular10/25/2017Agenda (PDF) 

Draft Minutes (PDF)
Regular09/13/2017CANCELLED (PDF)

Board of County Commissioners08/15/2017Resolution 17-231. A Resolution Amending Resolution No. 15-165 by the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners Restructuring Membership of the Pasco County Food Policy Advisory Council (PDF)

Resolution No.15-165. A Resolution by the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners Establishing the Pasco County Food Policy Advisory Council; Providing for Purpose and Dutues; Providing for Council Organization and Membership; Providing for Quorum, Rules and Procedures. (PDF)
Special Meeting07/18/2017 Agenda (PDF)
Adopted Minutes (PDF)
Ordinance06/20/2017Urban Agricultural Ordinance - Adopted 06/20/2017 (PDF) 
Regular06/14/2017Agenda (PDF)
 Adopted Minutes (PDF)
Regular03/08/2017Agenda (PDF) 
Adopted Minutes (PDF)

Regular12/14/2016 Meeting Packet - Part 1 (PDF)

Meeting Packet - Part 2 (PDF)

Regular09/14/2016Approved Minutes (PDF)
Workshop07/15/2016CANCELLED (PDF)
Workshop07/05/2016 WS - Backyard Chicken Notes (PDF) 
Regular06/08/2016Approved Minutes (PDF)
Workshop04/13/2016Flyer (PDF)
Regular03/09/2016Flyer & Sup. Material (PDF)
Draft Ordinance (PDF)
Proposed Minutes (PDF)  


Regular12/09/2015Approved Minutes (PDF) 
Special Meeting11/04/2015Approved Minutes (PDF) 
Regular09/30/2015Approved Minutes (PDF) 
Regular07/28/2015Approved Minutes (PDF)

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