Facilities Management

The role of Pasco County Facilities Management business unit is to provide for construction and renovation of County facilities, infrastructure management and maintenance to Pasco County buildings in the most cost effective manner possible, while maintaining compliance with any applicable departmental requirements, various agencies or government regulations. As a service organization, we meet the County space requirements through space planning, construction, expansion and renovation projects. The department achieves operational functionality of County buildings by performing preventative maintenance, general maintenance, repairs and other necessary services to keep County owned facilities safe, sustainable and in good condition for our citizens and employees.

Facilities Management Programs include the following:

  • Operations and Maintenance: This program includes activities related to maintaining buildings and grounds in a cost effective manner while in compliance with departmental requirements and various local, state, and governmental regulatory agencies.
  • Asset Management: This program includes activities related to managing County owned and leased properties, disposition of surplus property, analyzing building systems and implementing technologies to reduce energy usage, managing warehouse functions and tracking inventories of equipment and materials used within the department and by other County departments.
  • Capital Project Management: This program includes activities related to renovation and construction of County facilities and replacement of major building systems.