Emergency Ride Home

There are many advantages to riding a Pasco County Public Transportation (PCPT) bus to work! Those important to you may include saving money, eliminating the frustration of driving in traffic congestion, or helping to reduce harmful emissions into the environment. But what if you need to work late or leave immediately?

Emergency Ride Home (ERH) is your commuter’s get-home guarantee, for both employees and college students. If you commute using means other than driving alone at least two times a week, you can you can get up to six (6) FREE rides home from work or school in case of a qualifying commute emergency. Commute Tampa Bay reimburses up to $100 per ride. Create an account in Commute Tampa Bay app and log your trips to qualify. Other restrictions may apply.

To access this service, TBARTA Emergency Ride Home or call TBARTA at 1-800-998-RIDE (7433).