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Conservation Tips, Ideas & Strategies From Your Neighbors

Driven To Conserve H2O Car with the website listed above the tire. Reading“Instead of running water over frozen foods, taking them out of the freezer to thaw at an earlier time can conserve water.”  - G. Helms, Land O’ Lakes, FL

“After cleaning the dishes, use the same water to soak recycling items. This makes it easier to remove labels and clean the jars or cans before placing them in the recycle bin.” - Lisa N., Holiday, FL

“Running the laundry with a full load of clothes saves water and energy.” - S. Rogers, New Port Richey, FL

CoinsWhat is Project Round-up?

A voluntary donation program providing the opportunity for PCU customers to assist those in need by rounding up their monthly water/sewer bill to the nearest dollar. 

A Little Change
Makes A Big Difference

All funds donated are distributed by the Human Services Division. Funding remains in Pasco County to serve PCU Customers in most need of support with their water/sewer bill.  

For more information or assistance visit:

Celebrating 10 Years With Drippy

PCU in partnership with FGUA encouraged all Pasco County students in Kindergarten - 5th Grade to participate in this year’s Water Awareness Poster Contest. Learn more or view winning art work at:

Artist Drippy

Plant with Water Droplet in an expression bubbleThe Right Plant for the Right Place & the Right Time

The wrong plants might be growing in your yard if the landscape in winter looks wilted and bleak, or it feels like taming a jungle in the summer. 

“Right Plant, Right Place” is about matching the plant’s needs, growth habits, and preferences with the location a plant will be growing. The closer the match, the happier the plant will be. 

Tips for a greener thumb all year:

  • Conserve Water... by grouping plants together that have similar water and fertilizer needs.
  • Consider Change... and how watering and light conditions may vary through the day and season. 
  • Avoid Over-planting... and account for any space needed in a new landscape for a full grown plant. 
  • Seek Support... by scheduling a personalized lawn assessment with a Master Gardener through UF/IFAS Pasco County Cooperative Extension

Learn more about the Turf Team at

Pipes and Property
Having a Plan Before there is a ProblemPipes and Property - Labeled Image showing the Customer Maintained Private Line labeled on the image

The dividing line for responsibility starts and stops at the water meter. Check the flow indicator to determine if a leak should be repaired by a Licensed Plumber or by Pasco County Utilities.

If there is a leak and the flow indicator IS spinning, the leak is most likely on the property. Property owners are responsible for all repairs associated with the customer maintained line, irrigation lines, and internal plumbing. 

If there is a leak and the flow indicator is NOT spinning, contact Pasco County Utilities (PCU)immediately. It is the responsibility of PCU to repair and maintain the public service line and the Main Water Line.