RV Parking

Parking or Storing Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles may be parked anywhere on residentially zoned properties of one acre or more in size provided they are not located within a 25 foot setback from the front property line and minimum of 5 foot from side or rear property lines. A primary structure is required to be located on the parcel.

Recreational vehicles may be located in the driveway for loading, unloading or clean-up only as long as a person is physically engaged in such acts for up to 72 hours during a seven day period.

Recreational vehicles shall not be connected to water, sewer, or electric. Parked or Stored RV's may not be used for residential purposes other than a 10 day time period 4 times per calendar year by a person who is not a resident of Pasco County and is a house-guest of the occupant-owner of that lot. A Temporary RV Parking Permit (PDF) is required for these time frames per the Land Development Code (PDF).

Your completed application shall be submitted to any of the following offices:

Central Permitting Division, 8731 Citizens Drive, Suite 230, New Port Richey (727) 847-8126

Central Permitting Division, 4111 Land O' Lakes Boulevard, Land O' Lakes (727) 929-2749

Central Permitting Division, 14236 6th Street, Suite 203, Dade City (352) 521-4279