Oversize Loads

Oversize / Overweight Moving Permit

“Oversize or overweight load” means any vehicle-towed building or load exceeding the maximum size (i.e. width, height or weight) or weight specified in the Florida Statutes, Chapter 316, Section 316.515.

No person shall operate a vehicle with a load of a size or weight exceeding those maximums on any county or public road, street or thoroughfare or operate such a vehicle so as to pass beneath a traffic signal and its supporting cables on any road or street on the state system in the unincorporated areas of the county without first obtaining an oversize or overweight moving permit.

Use the following documents when applying for an Oversize / Overweight Moving Permit:

Application Oversize-Overweight Moving Permit (PDF)

Checklist Oversize-Overweight Moving Permit (PDF)

Pasco Ordinance Section 106-4 (PDF)

Florida Statute 316.515 - 2011 (PDF)

Surety Bond Oversized-Overweight Load Move (PDF)

Indemnity Agreement Oversize-Overweight Load Move (PDF)

Your completed application shall be submitted to the following office:

Central Permitting Division, 8731 Citizens Drive, Suite 230, New Port Richey (727) 847-8126