Opening a Water and/or Sewer Account

Is Pasco County Your Water, Sewer, or Reclaimed Water Provider?

Before opening an account with Pasco County Utilities please use PascoView as a resource to determine your provider information.

PascoView is a Geographic Information Services tool that requires Internet Explorer and Microsoft Silverlight to view and use the program.

Once you have searched by Parcel or Address, scroll down to the bottom of the identified property and select the Utility Service Area highlighted in blue.

Requirements to Open a Water and/or Sewer Account

  • Billing name on the account (only one name on the account)
  • Service address
  • Mailing address
  • Contact phone number
  • Date you want the service to begin
  • Valid I.D. upon request
  • A copy of your signed lease if you are renting-must be signed by owner and renter
  • Third parties opening an account must provide the same information
  • Payment of fees (activation fee, deposit, any unpaid balances or fees on an existing or previous account must be paid in full prior to opening a new account)
Open Account

Fees and Deposits

Activation Fee (Non-Refundable)

  • Activation Fee (next day): $57.00
  • Activation Fee (same day): $98.00

Applications and fees must be received by 2:30 p.m. for a same day turn-on

Deposits for 3/4" Meters

Type of Account
Water Only
Deposit for homeowners
Water Only
Deposit for renters
Water and Sewer or Sewer Only
Deposit for homeowners
Water and Sewer or Sewer Only
Deposit for renters

Deposits are held in a non-interest bearing account (Pasco County Ordinance Section 110-38(d)). The deposit will be credited to the account after 24 consecutive months of on-time payments and no returned checks; or, if the account is closed, the deposit will be applied to the bill. Any credits will be mailed to the person whose name is on the account after the final read.

Deposits for Meters Larger Than 3/4"

Please view the Pasco County Utility Rates and Charges (PDF)

To Open an Account in Person

Please visit one of our convenient locations.

Other Convenient Ways to Open An Account

Apply for an Account

Online Application

Open an Account
by Mail Using

US Postal Service 

Send to:
Pasco County Utilities
P. O. Box 2139
New Port Richey, FL

Open an Account by
Overnight Delivery 

Using Fed Ex or UPS (Do not use US Postal Service)Send to:

Send to: Utilities Customer Information & Services
7536 State Street
New Port Richey, FL 34654

If you have mailed your information and fees, please call one of our offices three (3) business days prior to the date you have requested the service to start in order to confirm receipt of your request.

Accounts cannot be opened over the phone.  Any unpaid balance or fees on an existing or previous account must be paid in full prior to opening an new account.