Business Tax Receipts

Businesses Operating in Pasco County

Business Tax Receipts (formerly known as Occupational Licenses) are required for most businesses operating in Pasco County. You may complete an application at any of our Tax Collector offices; request that an application be mailed to you; or download an application from this site. If you are a contractor, you must also register with Contractor Licensing prior to performing any construction work. The Contractor Licensing Section stores and processes information related to contractor licensing such as changes of address, Workers' Compensation, bonds and insurance. It is the contractor's responsibility to ensure that all licensing information on file with Pasco County is current.

A Business Operating within City Limits

All Cities within Pasco County require that a City Business Tax Receipt be purchased for businesses operating within their boundaries. Some cities require a county Business Tax Receipt be purchased before a City Business Tax Receipt will be issued. Most businesses are required to obtain a Pasco County Business Tax Receipt; however, some businesses regulated by the state are exempt.

Need a New Tax Receipt?

Lost Business Tax Receipt or Business Owner Mailing Address Change

Duplicate Business Tax Receipts are issued at no fee to a business that has lost a Business Tax Receipt or to a business with a mailing address change. Duplicate Business Tax Receipts are available at all Tax Collector offices.

New Owner, Location Change or When A Business is Sold

A Business Tax Receipt transfer is required when a business is sold, when there is a new owner of the business or the address or location of the business changes. The transfer fee is 10% of the Business Tax Receipt fee, with a minimum fee of $3.00. A transfer can be processed at all Tax Collector offices.

Permitting For Generators of Hazardous Waste

The Board of County Commissioners of Pasco County, as authorized by Florida law, has imposed an additional fee of $20.00 on the Business Tax Receipt of small quantity generators and potential generators of hazardous waste. The purpose of this assessment is to defray the cost of a state mandated program requiring counties to provide assistance through workshops, inspections and other services in the proper identification, management, and disposal of hazardous waste. This fee is included in the amount reflected on your Business Tax Receipt.

For additional information regarding the Small Quantity Generator Assessment (SQG), contact the Pasco County Solid Waste Department / Small Quantity Generator Program at (727) 847-8041; (813) 996-7341 Ext. 8041; or (352) 521-4274 Ext. 8041.