Pool and Water Safety

An easy way to remember water safety is LOCK, LOOK, and LEARN.

  1. At home: LOCK - keep bathroom and laundry room doors closed. Keep toilet lids closed
    (this is an often overlooked source of drowning in young children). Once bath time is over,
    drain the tub immediately. LOOK – Always stay within an arm’s reach of children when they
    are around any source of water. Never leave a child unattended around or in the pool or bath.
  2. Around the pool: LOCK – Keep pool fences and doors leading to the pool locked at all times.
    Remove or lock pool ladders on above ground pools. LOOK – Watch children even if they
    know how to swim. Keep a phone nearby for emergencies only. Don’t get distracted by
    phone calls, text messages, reading, or talking to others. If a child is missing, check the water
    first. LEARN how to swim. Learn CPR. Learn how to use rescue equipment. Teach
    children not to play or swim near the pool or spa drains.
  3. At the beach: LOOK – Keep an eye on the weather, waves, and currents. Watch children
    even if they know how to swim. Keep a phone near you for emergencies only. LEARN – Learn how to swim. Know how to use life jackets when around water and use them. Teach
    children that open water is not the same as a swimming pool. Teach children to never swim
    alone and only swim in designated areas. Learn CPR.