Boyette Reclaimed Water Reservoir

Boyette Reclaimed Water Reservoir

The Boyette Road Reservoir is a 500- million-gallon reclaimed water reservoir that will provide increased storage as part of the Pasco County Master Reuse System (PCMRS). The reservoir will help balance reclaimed water supply and demand, helping to make sufficient reclaimed water available to meet higher dry season demands. This project will also make reclaimed water available to more potential customers in Pasco County. The addition of reclaimed water customers to the PCMRS will help stretch limited fresh drinking water supplies by increasing the availability of reclaimed water for lawn and landscape irrigation.

The reservoir will be located in central Pasco County on Boyette Road, east of Interstate 75 and north of the current Wesley Center Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Please use our online Boyette Reservoir Comment Card to provide us with your comments or questions.

Project Hotline: (727) 847-8131 

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