Garbage Pick-Up

Residential Garbage Pick-Up

Garbage TruckPasco County does not pick up your garbage. There is a competitive, open market system for garbage collection in this county. Private haulers compete for your business. Your household garbage and recyclables are picked up by a hauler you pay directly – or in some cases, your Homeowners Association (HOA) or Community Development District (CDD) includes this service.

You must sign up with a hauler in order to receive residential curbside garbage and recycling service. Please note that not all haulers service all areas. Please contact a hauler to see if they service your address.

Residential & Commercial

Licensed Waste HaulersPhone Number
All Haul(727) 847-2420
County Recycling, Inc.(727) 522-5794
J.D. Parker & Sons, Inc.(727) 845-1024
Republic (formerly Seaside)(727) 233-3908
Waste Aid(813) 996-1457
Waste Connections (east & east central) FKA Progressive(727) 847-9100
Waste Connections (west & west central)(727) 847-9100
Waste Management(800) 255-7172

All haulers who collect household garbage are licensed to do business by the County. By receiving the license the haulers agree to abide by the County ordinance, which says that they must pick up garbage twice weekly and recycling at least twice a month. The maximum a hauler can charge for this service is $12.44 per month or $37.32 quarterly. The hauler can charge for additional services like cart or can rental, re-activation fees, large item or special pickups, and pass through any municipal (city) charges. Some HOAs and CDDs have negotiated lower rates through bulk rate contracts with a hauler.

If you purchase curbside service, whether you are an individual or an HOA/CDD, you get both garbage and recycling service. Recycling is included in the $12.44/month.

(The $65.00 Solid Waste Assessment contained on your annual tax bill pays the County to dispose of your garbage and is separate from the monthly collection fee paid to a licensed hauler.)

Your recycling day will generally not be the same day as your garbage day. Call your hauler for a schedule for both services.

If you do not purchase curbside service, you may obtain residential dumpster service. Not all haulers provide dumpster service. The size of the dumpster and frequency of pick up are determined between you and your hauler. Maximum charges are determined by the county and are based on dumpster size and frequency of the service. Dumpster service does not include recycling.

All forms of garbage are dropped off at county Solid Waste facilities. You may bring large and/or bulk items directly to Solid Waste facilities or you can contact your trash hauler for assistance. For additional information, contact Pasco County Solid Waste at (727) 856-0119 or go to the Resource Recovery link on this page.