SR 54/56 Toll Feasibilty Study

The Toll Feasibility Study that was initiated in July of 2013 is now complete and the final report is posted here and on the MPO Web page.

What is next?

On December 11, 2014 , the MPO board adopted Mobility 2040 – Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The LRTP did not determine specific improvements for the SR 54/56 corridor. The LRTP included the following statement:

SR 54/56 Corridor Improvements

 Alternate improvements within the SR 54/56 corridor will be evaluated as part of future corridor assessment after adoption of the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan and will include, but not necessarily be limited to, premium transit improvements, overpasses, and/or elevated lanes. In addition, future corridor assessment will include significant public engagement regarding alternative improvements to the SR 54/56 corridor.

This statement that was adopted as part of the LRTP, essentially deferred the determination of the ultimate improvements for the S.R.54/56 corridor to future studies and further evaluation. Future studies will place a strong emphasis on public engagement and education.

MPO staff is currently in the process of developing a scope of work to utilize a transportation consultant to assist in the next study.

MPO staff will be seeking interested citizens who want to be actively involved throughout the study. If you would be interested in serving as part of a citizen focus group that would meet periodically as the study progresses, please send an e-mail or contact Ali Atefi at 727-847-8140.


The purpose of the SR 54/ 56 Toll Study is to determine an express elevated lane alignment and typical sections that can accommodate premium transit operations and other transit facilities along SR 54/56 corridor and within adjacent land from US 19 to US 301. The information from this study will be used to provide preliminary cost estimates for the express toll lanes and the amount of right-of-way needed to implement the express toll lane concept. The study will also identify the potential revenue from tolls and for funding in part or whole by use of tolls on the express lanes.

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