Bear Creek - Pithlachascotee River Watershed

The Bear Creek - Pithlachascotee River Watershed is located in western Pasco County, primarily in Pasco County, with headwater areas of the Pithlachascotee River in southern Hernando County. The combined watershed covers an area of approximately 171 square miles. A map of the combined watershed is available below: 

The Bear Creek portion of the watershed is located in western Pasco County, north and west of the Pithlachascotee River. With the exception of the Beacon Woods Outfall Canal, the entire watershed lies east of US 19. This portion of the watershed has 5 subbasins (PDF). The first two basins are Bear Creek and Buckhorn Creek, which are considered Open Basins as they have an outfall via the Bear Creek and the Beacon Woods Outfall Canal to the Gulf of Mexico. The remaining basins are Frierson Lakes, Moon Lake and Rocky Sink/Boggy Creek. These basins are considered Closed Basins as they have no outfall and depend on the water percolating into the soils or evaporation.

The Pithlachascotee River portion of the watershed begins from its headwaters in northern Pasco and southern Hernando Counties to its point of discharge to the Gulf of Mexico. This portion of the watershed is divided into 3 parts, referred to as upper, middle and lower basins. The upper basin extends downstream from the basin boundary to Crews Lake outlet; the middle part, or basin, extends downstream from Crews Lake outlet to Five Mile Creek; and the lower basin, from Five Mile Creek to the Gulf of Mexico.

Pasco County, in cooperation with the Southwest Florida Water Management District has conducted an analysis of the Bear Creek - Pithlachascotee River Watershed. The first study was completed in 1993 and was an investigation to determine the extent and severity of flooding problems and summarized some possible projects to alleviate the flooding. Following the 1993 study a revised Floodplain Analysis Report was issued in 2007 followed by the 2013 Floodplain Justification Report for the Bear Creek and Pithlachascotee River Watersheds. All of these documents are available below:

Watershed Meeting - August 18, 2015

On Tuesday, August 18, 2015, a Watershed Meeting was held in response to flooding in the area. Meeting videos are available to view by selecting the following links:

Watershed Meeting Videos:

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