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Did you know? Fix Less

A recent study by the Water Research Foundation found that 13% of water "used" indoors was actually being lost to household leaks! In addition, only "about 5% of the homes monitored during the study had no leakage at all during the data collection period."  



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Seek a leak!

Poster - 2017 4th Grade Ethan Rubin

Conservation Education

Educational Resources / Links from around the web: A collection of links from around the web containing a variety of water-related educational resources and tools.

Community Programs

Tampa Bay Community Water Wise Awards Program recognizes a selection of outstanding examples of Florida-Friendly Landscapes from across the Tampa Bay Region. - Read More 

Toilet Rebate Program is cooperatively funded by Pasco County and the Southwest Florida Water Management District. Lower your usage and your water bill by replacing your high-flow toilet with a High-Efficiency (HE) toilet. - Read More

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