Compact Walkable Communities


On October 1, 2013 the Pasco County Planning and Development Department (PDD) presented to the Board of County Commissioners at their Workshop, “Focusing Our Vision – Urban Planning & Design for Urban Walkable Places, Neighborhoods, and Communities within Pasco County’s Urban Service Areas (PDF).” The purpose of that Workshop was to address the existing Vision and Mission statements for the County’s South Market Area – Gateway Crossings (SR 54/56 corridor and surrounding areas) contained within the Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan combined mission and vision statements for the Gateway Crossings Market Area calls for the creation of an “urban gateway opportunity area with intensification supported by enhanced transit opportunities implemented through the development of high density, compact, and mixed-use places and communities that provides a premier location for the attraction of a broad spectrum of employers and businesses.”

During the October 1st Workshop presentation it was stressed that in order to continue to move forward with the implementation of the mission and vision for the Gateway Crossings Market Area numerous decisions had to be made, which would benefit from the collaboration of the County and potentially affected and interested parties.

In order for the County to form decisions from these various perspectives assistance is requested from: landowners, land acquisition and disposition entities, horizontal developers, real estate professionals, the planning and engineering community, economic development specialists, and vertical developers/builders (including: residential, commercial, mixed use and specialty use experts). All who are interested are welcome to be part of this planning process.

Kick-Off Meeting

The Planning and Development Department held the Interested Parties Kick-Off Meeting on February 18, 2014. The Agenda (PDF) and Presentation (PDF) included discussions regarding:

  • 10/1 Workshop...Interested Party Collaboration
  • Evolving "Suburban" Trends
  • Greenfield Challenges and Opportunities
  • Potential Work Tasks
  • Moving Forward - Next Steps

Handouts at this meeting included: General Information (PDF) regarding Compact Walkable Communities, a summary of Potential Work Tasks (PDF), and article entitled "Marketing to the Generations" (PDF).

On-Going Effort

A series of Technical Committee meetings were held beginning in April 2014 to address the codification of Mixed-Use Trip Reduction Measures (MUTRM). MUTRM is a trip reducing project tool offered by the County. On November 5, 2014, the Board of County Commissioners adopted these defined criteria. As part of this approved Ordinance (PDF), new Sections 522.8 MUTRM - MPUD (PDF) and 901.13 MUTRM (PDF) have been added to the Land Development Code. In addition, revisions have been made to Appendix A - Definitions (PDF).

The Planning and Development Department will continue to address other methodologies to meet the Comprehensive Plan's goals and policies associated with Compact Walkable Communities.

Those who express interest in being part of the continuing Interested Party process will be notified of any upcoming meetings. Information will also be made available through this Webpage. Please direct any questions/comments to Matthew Armstrong, Executive Planner.