S.R. 54/56 Status of Project Activities

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Unsolicited Bid - SR54/56 Express (CANCELLED)

FDOT has concluded negotiations with OHL and cancelled the project. Studies will continue to evaluate alternatives for congestion management in the corridor.

FDOT Letter Dated May 16, 2014 to IIP and OHL

FAQ - Updated May 19, 2014

Timeline - Updated May 13, 2014

SR 54 Express Proposal

Starkey Town Hall Meeting Presentation - March 10, 2014

Summary of Meeting Minutes

Project Concept Development Study 2011-2013

This study sponsored by FDOT/TBARTA was initiated in 2011 as a follow up to the MPO's 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) adopted in 2009 that identified the need for additional capacity improvements on SR 54/56 Corridor. The findings and recommendations are reflected in the Technical Memo 3 below.

Tech Memo 1

Tech Memo 2

Tech Memo 3

Please see below the Study Presentation prepared by FDOT/ TBARTA consultant which includes summary of findings and recommendations as presented to the MPO Board in January 2013.

Study Presentation (PDF)

An informational brochure and a PowerPoint presentation was developed to provide background information in regard to the recommendation of the FDOT/TBARTA study.

Informational Brochure (PDF) and Fact Sheet (PDF)

PowerPoint Presentation- Feb. 10, 2014 (PDF)

SR54/56 Toll Feasibility Study

This study is underway and is a follow up to the FDOT/TBARTA Project Concept Development Study. The Toll Feasibility Study is financed by FDOT and managed by Pasco County. For more information click on link below.

SR54/56 Toll Feasibility Study (PDF)

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