Local Special Event Grants and Event Sponsorships

Special Event Marketing Program

Thank you for your interest in promoting Pasco County as a tourist destination for over night visitors. The Pasco County Tourist Development Council (TDC) recognizes tourist-related events and activities and they have set aside dedicated funds to help organizations promote their local special event by reimbursing your qualified advertising expenses through a grant program. The funds to support this grant program come from the 2% Tourist Development Tax, which is a tax on all short-term rentals in Pasco County.

Sports Event Sponsorship Program

The Pasco County Event Sponsorship program is designed to assist organizations, sports development and governing bodies in attracting events which will generate significant overnight visitors to the County and deliver a quality destination event to the area. Organizations will be required to request an Event Sponsorship in person and in writing from the Tourist Development Council (TDC). The following information must be included:

An emphasis on sport events will be considered for sponsorship including amateur and professional athletic events. Local Special Event Grant participants are not eligible for this sponsorship unless the applicant demonstrates that “but for” the event sponsorship agreement, the event may not be held in the County.