Cannon Ranch

Development of Regional Impact

April 18, 1989, the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved the Cannon Ranch DRI No. 163 (PDF) Application for Development Approval (ADA) and the Development Order (DO) with conditions. The project, as originally approved, was to be developed in four phases, consisting of 5,956 dwelling units, 565,000 square feet of commercial, and a golf course. The duration of the Development Order (DO) is 26 years, expiring April 18, 2015.

The Development Order (DO) was subsequently amended and restated numerous times.

On October 13, 2014, an Application for Abandonment of the DRI (PDF) was submitted. This application is on hold pending the submittal of the Master Planned Unit Development (MPUD) that would replace the Development of Regional Impact (DRI).

The Cannon Ranch DRI Abandonment (PDF) was approved at the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) on 4-26-16.

Cannon Ranch Resolution 16-151 (PDF) approved at the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) on 4-26-16.

Location Map

Cannon Ranch Location Map

Master Planned Unit Development

On August 18, 1987 the BCC approved the original MPUD, Petition No. 3664.

Rezoning Petition No. 5634 (PDF), was approved October 26, 2004, superseding the previous approval. The following land uses were approved:

  • Single-family dwelling units – 2,350
  • Accessory dwelling units – 400
  • Multi-family dwelling units – 250
  • Multi-family resort style dwelling units – 1,500
  • Retirement Housing Units – 2,600
  • Golf Course – 36 holes
  • Parks – 5
  • Commercial/Retail – 183,000 square feet
  • Office – 52,000 square feet

Approved MPUD Plan

Cannon Ranch MPUD

Site Development Plans Under Review

DRI Abandonment (PDF)
Master Roadway Plan (PDF)
Mirada Boulevard, Phase 1
Mirada Parcel 1
Mirada Parcel 2
Mirada Phase 1 Mass Grading
Hold Harmless Agreement (PDF)

Approved Site Development Plans

Plans Under Review