Barricades Rental Process

Barricades Rental Process

Destination Management Organization (DMO) assists in providing street barricades for events to be held in Pasco County. In order to get the authorization for the temporary use of barricades, the renter must be an Organization, Chamber of Commerce, or Municipalities in Pasco County. The application must be submitted to the DMO, at least 30 days prior to the Event. It is responsibility of the renter to pick-up and drop-off the barricades in the locations stated in the application, after being approved by staff.

Loss/damage of the barricades is the responsibility of the renter once the stock arrives and is accepted at the Event site. Loss/damage assessment will be done upon return of the barricades. The renter must take count of barriers and assess them for damage while they are being loaded and again while being unloaded. All loss/damage will be invoiced separately to the renter.

General liability and vehicle liability insurance for $1,000,000 naming Pasco County Board of County Commissioners as additionally insured must be submitted to the Office of Tourism along with the application.

The barricades are stored in two locations:

1. East Location – Land O’ Lakes Pasco County Jail – Two (2) Trailers with 80 barricades each

2. West Location – New Port Richey City Barn - Two (2) Trailers with 80 barricades each

Complete the Application (PDF) in its entirety and return to the Destination Management Organization 30 days prior to event start date. Late or incomplete applications will not be processed. DMO will take a minimum of 30 days to review the application and complete internal processes. 

For further information, please email Shelly Bandy or call (727)-847-8129.