Office of Economic Growth

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  1. Economic Growth Program
  2. What We Do

The Office of Economic Growth is tasked with executing the goals and strategies outlined in the adopted Economic Development Plan (EDP) and the Board of County Commissioners adopted Strategic Plan.   

In order to accomplish our mission, the Office of Economic Growth delivers its services on four primary activities:

  1. Administration of the Economic Development Plan and the Jobs and Economic Opportunities Trust Fund – The Office of Economic Growth administrative duties include collaboration with various stakeholder groups, negotiation and contract development for public/private partnership opportunities, as well as agreement management for a multitude of incentive and development agreements which include the Penny For Pasco -Jobs and Economic Opportunities Trust Fund.
  2. Target Industry Attraction and Retention – The goal of attracting targeted industries is to strengthen Pasco into the most competitive business environment in the Southeast United States. Through the pursuit of new partnerships, attraction and expansion of targeted businesses, collaboration with the Pasco Economic Development Council, community involvement, grants administration, workforce development and County process improvements we can accomplish this goal. 
  3. Redevelopment and Reinvestment Program – The Office of Economic Growth will help catalyze redevelopment through incentives, financing, and regulatory programs. The Office of Economic Growth duties include the management of Pasco’s adopted Brownfield Redevelopment Program, Redevelopment Loan Program, low impact development initiatives, and business improvement programs to address the complex challenges posed by redevelopment in the urbanized and blighted areas of the county. 
  4. Information, Advocacy  and Referral – The Office of Economic Growth duties include providing information to new and expanding businesses within the County, referrals and providing insight for any potential project or policy economic impacts.
  1. David Engel
  2. Troy Jackson
  3. Steve Smith
  4. Shelby Roberts

David Engel - Manager

Headshot of David EngelMr. Engel  is the manager of the Office of Economic Growth. In this role, David promotes economic development, job creation and targeted industry recruitment and expansion for the Jobs and Economic Opportunities Trust Fund (Penny for Pasco) program. He also provides oversight to our Jobs and Economic Opportunities Committee

David has over fifteen years experience as a municipal planning director and transit oriented development (TOD) manager. An additional ten years were spent on Wall Street serving as a senior research ana­lyst, in New York City, specializing in public finance, transportation and energy technol­ogy systems. Mr. Engel received a Master of City and Regional Planning from Rutgers University and is a graduate of The George Washington University. David is a member of the American Institute Certified Planners. 

LinkedIn: David Engel