Flood Safety

Local Flood Hazard

The largest threat of general flooding occurs during the hurricane season (June through November). Pasco County participates in the National Flood Insurance Program, which means that Flood Insurance is made available for purchase by property owners within Pasco County.

In Pasco County, flooding can result from several inches of rain falling over a short period of time; from several days of continuous rain; from lakes or rivers overflowing their banks; from tropical storms or hurricanes; from storm surges for the Gulf of Mexico; or from local drainage problems.

Flood Warning System

Pasco County has a Flood Threat Recognition System that is used by the Office of Emergency Management to monitor and convey threatening conditions to the public. The OEM maintains contact with the National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center and relays updates of threatening weather to the public, government agencies, media and others.

Notification/Stay Connected

In addition to the information that will be displayed on the Pasco County website, residents should tune to television and radio weather broadcasts and be alert to special local advisories. For a listing of the television and radio resources please review the Pasco Evacuation Map & Shelter Listing (PDF) page of the Pasco Disaster Planning Guide (PDF).

Flood Safety Tips

Review the information in the Disaster Planning Guide (PDF) and at www.Ready.gov/floods.. Keep you, your family and pets safe during floods and other disaster situations. Be Prepared and Have a Plan.

Real-Time Stream-Gaging Sites and Watercams

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has many Real-Time Stream-Gaging sites throughout the United States along with Watercams. The Real-Time Stream-Gaging sites and Watercams provide valuable information to the National Weather Service, emergency managers, and area residents to evaluate real-time conditions in riverine areas during storms. The data and visual records of flooding also provides valuable research data for the USGS. Learn more about the Real-Time Stream-Gaging sites and Watercams in Pasco County.