Staff Gages

Fresh Water Gage Readings:

The gages are grouped into two broad categories as noted below:

Rocky/Boggy/Starkey BMP Gages Readings (PDF) 
Location Map (PDF)
Site 1/N Sycamore Dr
Site 1A/N Sycamore Dr
Site 2/S Sycamore Dr
Site 2A/S Sycamore Dr
Site 3/Tanglewood Dr
Site 3A/Tanglewood Dr
Site 4/Decubellis Rd
Site 4A/Decubellis Rd
Site 7/Lake Worrel/19.25
Site 5/Starkey Pump/19.00
Site 6/Grassy Lake/30.30
Staff Gauge Rocksite
 Duck Slough BMP Gages Readings (PDF)
Location Map (PDF)
Site 0/USGS/Anclote/-0.94
BMP-1/Millstone Dr/10.70
BMP-2/Oak Meadow Pt/8.40
BMP-4/Millstone Dr S/11.50
BMP 1A/[Open/Closed] 
Stroud Ct/[Reading Only] 
BMP 5A/21.43
BMP-9/Kinsmere Dr/21.30
BMP-8/Kinsmere Dr/23.40
BMP 6A/[Open/Closed]
Site 14/Arlinbrook Dr/23.50
Site 15/Little Rd/22.20
Rain Gague/Eldridge Wild
Rain Gague/Starkey Wellfield

Staff Gauge Duck

Other Freshwater Gage Data:

Stormwater Management Division staff also reads gages at other locations in the county.Those gages in lakes, canals and similar environments with standing water, are read at least daily during emergency operations or to prepare for pre-emptive pumping in anticipation of heavy rains. These gages are read weekly otherwise. All gages (wet/dry) are read once a month.

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