Water Level Gauges

Freshwater staff gauge readings are conducted daily in Pasco County.
Updates are posted below during regular business hours:

Rocky/Boggy/Starkey BMP gauge readings (10/23/19):
- View September 2019 readings (PDF)  
- View gauge locations (PDF)
Rocky Sink/Boggy Creek = below bottom of gauge
Site 1/North Sycamore Drive = 18.55
Site 1A/North Sycamore Drive = 18.5
Site 2/South Sycamore Drive = 18.45
Site 2A/South Sycamore Drive = 18.4
Site 3/Tanglewood Drive = 17.95
Site 3A/Tanglewood Drive = 17.8
Site 4/Decubellis Road = 17.05
Site 4A/Decubellis Road = 16.95
Site 7/Lake Worrel = below bottom of gauge
Starkey Park = below bottom of gauge
Site 5/Starkey Pump = 18.95
Site 6/Grassy Lake = 30.3
Image of a water gauge
Duck Slough BMP gauge readings (10/23/19):
- View September 2019 readings (PDF)
- View gauge locations (PDF)
Site 0/USGS/Anclote = 0.23
BMP-1/Millstone Drive = below bottom of gauge
BMP-2/Oak Meadow Point = below bottom of gauge
BMP-4/Millstone Drive South = below bottom of gauge
BMP-1A = closed
BMP-6/7 Springs Boulevard = 12.35
Stroud Court = 21.34
BMP-5A = 21.55
BMP-9/Kinsmere Drive = 22
BMP-8/Kinsmere Drive = 22.55
Site 14/Arlinbrook Drive = 22.55
Site 15/Little Road = 22.9
Rain gauge/Eldridge Wild = 0.04
Rain gauge/Starkey Wellfield = closed
Image of a water gauge

Additional freshwater gauge data:

Gauges are also read at other locations in the county to include lakes, canals, and similar environments with standing water. Readings vary as needed based on weather conditions, and the amount of rainfall received in the county. 

If the county is under emergency operations, or preparing for preemptive pumping in anticipation of heavy rains, readings may be conducted daily.