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VOPH Comprehensive Plan Goal FLU 6:

Approved FULL Text May 5, 2020

Approved FULL Figures and Tables May 5 2020

Figure PH-1 Pasadena Hills Area Plan Boundary

Figure PH-2 Pasadena Hills Land Use Vision Plan

Figure PH-3 Pasadena Hills Open Space System

Figure PH-4 Pasadena Hills 2065 Future Transportation Map

Figure PH-4A Pasadena Hills 2065 Future Alternative Transportation Plan

Figure PH-5 Future Land Use Map with Core Reserve Overlay

Figure PH-6 Pasadena Hills Future Land Use Map

Figure PH-7 Village Location Map

Figure PH-8 Village Separator or Rural Enclave Buffer (coming in Phase 2)

Figure PH-12 Village Structure

Figure PH-13 Village Prototype

Figure PH-14 Village Enclave Buffer Illustration

Figure PH-15 Village Separator Landscape Guide

VOPH Land Development Code Chapter 600 Stewardship Ordinance:

Approved FULL text May 5 2020

Exhibit 602-A VOPH Tax Parcel IDs

Exhibit 602-B Pasadena Hills Boundary Map

Exhibit 602-C VOPH Transportation, School and Park Development Fees

Exhibit 602-D VOPH Property Owners Group Credits

VOPH Master Roadway Plan (Please be patient. Documents are large and take time to extra time to load.)

Master Roadway Plan - Pages 1-30

Master Roadway Plan - Pages 31-60

Master Roadway Plan - Pages 61-90

VOPH Financial Plan:

VOPH Financial Plan Full Text Tables and Maps

VOPH Financial Plan Resolution of May 5, 2020

Phase 2: Utility Master Plan - DRAFTS

Phase 2 VOPH Update Study (Scheduled for final approval on January 26, 2021)


DRAFT - VOPH Comprehensive Plan (10/9/20)

DRAFT - VOPH Land Development Code Stewardship Ordinance (9/16/20)

DRAFT - Financial Plan with Utility Master Plan (9/16/20)

VOPH PCU Utility Master Plan

Note:  The Roadway Master Plan has not changed in Phase 2.

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