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Opting Into Connected City

Benefits of Opting Into Connected City

  • 50 year entitlements
  • Exempt from Macro Trans Timing and Phasing Analysis
  • Greenlight Expedited Incremental Review
  • Flexible Land Uses
  • Innovative Land Development Code (Home Occupation, parks, neighborhood vehicle trails, parking, etc..)
  • Transportation (Mobility Fee) Credits for first two lanes if meet all conditions (Service Ready Site Acres (more liberal “targeted land uses”) pg 125 CC LDC
  • All primary roads (that have received mobility fee credits) will have gigabit fiber in roadways for driverless vehicles if 100% Opt In (valuable market advantage for employment generating users)
  • Credits for installing smart gigabit infrastructure (can cover costs) in homes and buildings, facilities
  • Tenants/Companies/homeowners have access to start up funds, programs using gigabit technology
  • Marketing advantages – first gigabit community from ground up in America
  • CC POG (Metro) can assign planning fee credits to reduce costs of CC Additional Development Review Fees to any landowner in CC.
  • the LPA/DRC and BCC voted unanimously to create the Connected City Corridor so they are concerned that the Special Planning Area supports this vision.
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