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Pasco County Development Services strives to provide excellent customer service every day. Check out what our customers have to say. #PascoProud 

"Heartbreaking," the neighbor said as he stared at the home across the street with broken windows, piles of trash, and squatters, still in the house. "This is exactly why I do what I do," says Condemnations/Minimum Housing Manager Keith. #PremierStartsHere

The damage was more than they expected. Pasco County Building Inspectors were called to assist after the Forest Lakes community was hit with destructive winds. Working with Fire Rescue, Emergency Management, and Human Services, the Building Inspectors were able to make sure citizens were safe, and began to get them back on their feet. #PremierStartsHere 


Pasco County is transforming County-owned land along the I-75 corridor into high-paying jobs & opportunity, thanks to a $3M award from the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund. Once complete, Overpass Business Park will support 4 to 5 thousand jobs. Learn more:


The Pasco County BOCC declares the week of February 11-15, 2019, Economic Development Week in Pasco County.  

Don’t leave Fido at home! Pasco County is now offering Dog Dining Permits to restaurants that want to allow customers to dine with their dogs! Restaurant owners can apply for a Dog Dining Permit through Pasco County Central Permitting or online at:

Impact Fee Calc.

Pasco County Development Services is pleased to share a new, user-friendly, online Impact Fee Calculator to help new home buyers and developers easily view the estimated impact fees for residential property.  Impact fees on new or proposed development projects help fund the additional public services needed to accommodate the growth.

“Impact fees are essential for supporting and maintaining county services such as schools, libraries, parks, and transportation – anything that would be impacted by building a new home,” said Central Permitting Accountant Austin Padova.  “The new online calculator is an easy way to estimate those fees.”

Try out the Impact Fee Calculator, by clicking here: 

Help Pasco County Code Enforcement Officers keep your community safe and looking beautiful – anonymously!  Code Enforcement is now accepting anonymous code violation complaints. Reporting an issue is easy and convenient on the MyPasco App.


Pasco County Development Services continues to receive regional recognition for Connected City: America’s First Smart Gigabit Community Built From The Ground Up. “Connected City is also the first community in America with a Crystal Lagoon,” says Long Range Planning Manager, Ernest Monaco.

Explore what’s coming to your community in Pasco County! Check out the new Development Services’  Project Pipeline. View current development projects online, in real time, on an interactive map. You can also search projects by district, browse archives, view plans and more!

Whether you’re a contractor, engineer, developer, or simply an interested citizen – details including approval status, timelines and a complete list of projects are just a click away:

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