Building Construction Services Monthly Report

January Highlights

"Heartbreaking," the neighbor said as he stared at the home across the street with broken windows, piles of trash, and squatters, still in the house. "This is exactly why I do what I do," says Condemnations/Minimum Housing Manager Keith. #PremierStartsHere


Don’t leave Fido at home! Pasco County is now offering Dog Dining Permits to restaurants that want to allow customers to dine with their dogs! Restaurant owners can apply for a Dog Dining Permit through Pasco County Central Permitting or online at:

Mobile Food Ordinance
Impact Fee Calc.

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Development Services and Pasco County Sheriff’s Department held a Press Conference to announce the results of an Unlicensed Contractor undercover sting operation performed during the month of September which led to 20 arrests for contracting without a license. The Press Conference was live through Development Services’ Facebook and educational messaging will continue to go out to citizens about watching out for unlicensed contractors. Click on the picture above to watch the Live Press Conference. 

During the month of November, the ULC Team conducted over 15 license checks for various individuals and companies. They also attended a continuing education course pertaining to newly acquired programs, tools and agency policy/procedure updates.

During the month of October, the ULC Team conducted over 18 license checks for various individuals and companies. The team also conducted multiple field contacts throughout Pasco during the course of various case investigations. These contacts included victim interviews, delivery of photo-packs, a suspect interview at the Land O’ Lakes Jail, and attempts to locate multiple suspects.


Pasco County Development Services is taking virtual citizen comments about the new, preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) from September 17, 2018 – October 15, 2018.
You can participate by commenting on the Facebook Event: , directly on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps:, or visit our website to Contact Us directly:


Pasco County Development Services has created a new, user-friendly Impact Fee Calculator in order to help homeowners and developers, interested in new, residential development, easily view the total Impact Fees for their property. Impact Fees no longer have to be calculated by hand, and can be done from any device, saving Pasco County citizens hours of valuable time and money. 

“Impact fees are essential in achieving Pasco’s Vision of “Florida’s Premier County” and Mission of “Serving Our Community to Create a Better Future” by supporting and maintaining county services, such as schools, libraries, parks, and transportation – anything that would be impacted by building a new home. Now, anyone can quickly and easily calculate their Impact fees from any device, saving them time and money,” says Central Permitting Accountant II, Austin Padova.

Try out the Impact Fee Calculator, by clicking here: 

Impact Fee Calc.