Code Enforcement Monthly Report

February Highlights

Pasco County Government provided resources and Moon Lake residents and volunteers made their collaboration count, removing 174 tons of trash in just two days during the Moon Lake Community Clean-Up! ‪Our Code Enforcement Team was privileged to have the opportunity to clean up Pasco County and keep our community safe.

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” the neighbors said as they ran out to meet Code Ops Manager Pat. After a woman who lived across the street passed away, squatters began to live in the vacant home, causing problems for the neighborhood. Today is a new day for this community. “It took all of us,” Pat said, “—the Code Enforcement Team, Building Construction Services and the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office— all working together to get this problem solved for the community.” #PremiereStartsHere 
Watch the full story:

Code Enforcement continued their educational initiative throughout Pasco County by attending Gardening 365 in Dade City. They spoke with Pasco citizens, giving advice and insight to find solutions for their community. Code Enforcement, along with all our departments in Development Services, are looking forward to attending the Great American Teach In and other community events.