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It is the Pasco County Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Department’s responsibility to enhance the quality of life for Pasco County citizens – an element of the County’s Strategic Plan. This mission is accomplished by focusing on providing a balance of cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities along with protecting the County’s natural resources including land, air, water, and wildlife.

Pasco County Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Department
Fiscal & Support

The department is comprised of three distinct divisions: Active Parks, Natural Resources, and Fiscal & Support Services. The department’s operating budget is approximately $12.1M. These funds are allocated amongst eight budgeted programs: Fiscal, Construction, Community Outreach, Active Parks, Recreation, Passive Parks, ELAMP, and Natural Resources Regulatory. Full-time employees equal 124, with an additional 88 seasonal employees hired annually.

The department operates and maintains: 22 Active Parks, 13 Passive Parks, 3 Recreation Complexes, 5 Community Centers, 2 Swimming Pools, 117 athletic fields, 2 public boat ramps, 4,600 acres of environmentally sensitive land, and 15,000 acres of park land, trails and open space. It also provides 121 recreational programs and 49 events per year including special events, instructional classes, summer and winter programming.