Online Reservations, Programs & Classes

Online Reservations

Reservations can be made online for parks facilities, including pavilions and shelters.  Field reservations can not be made online at this time. 

To reserve a facility (excluding fields) or to register for classes at any of the facilities, View the online reservations webpage.

Field Reservations

Athletic fields are available for both public and private use, however all field reservations must be made in person.  Pasco County Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Department Leagues/Camps/Special Events and County Co-sponsored Youth Organizations have preference regarding field reservations. 

Field reservations are required for all organized play or exclusive use.

For all organized play or exclusive reservations, please contact one of the following area superintendents:

East Pasco Area, Dennis Andrews, (352) 521-4182 x5769

Central Pasco Area, Robert Mahler, (813) 929-2760 x2616

West Pasco Area, Martin Pavent III, (813) 929-2760 x2617

When fields are not reserved, the public may use them for open play purposes. To confirm if a field is available for open play, contact the park site contact listed under the athletic parks link.
View the Athletics webpage to find your local athletic park.

Programs and Classes

We offer several programs for adults and children at many of our facilities. Many of our recreation complexes and parks offer activities like volleyball, basketball, badminton, Toddler Time, and much more. Contracted instructors offer activities like Karate, Dance Class, Zumba, Arts and Crafts, Painting, Cheerleading more. Below are various park sites that will have Monthly Activity Schedules showing what programs they currently have available.

View the J. Ben Harrill Recreation Complex webpage
View the Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park webpage
View the Land O' Lakes Recreation Complex webpage
View the Veterans Memorial Park webpage

Location Events

For the most up to date information on specific events going on in Pasco Parks, please follow us on social media.  View the Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Facebook Page and view the Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Twitter Feed. You can also view the parks location webpage to find the contact information for your local park.