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Address: 36702 S.R. 52   Dade City, FL 33525

Phone: 352-518-0156

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In 4H young people have the opportunity to "experience" through "hands-on" learning and discovery in project areas such as foods and nutrition, sewing, hiking, citizenship, community service, photography, large and small animals, lap animals, horses, and more. Older 4H members develop leadership skills by assisting and instructing younger 4H members. 

4H Clubs

4H Clubs offer a wide range of opportunities for team building and community service.

​Pasco County 4H has over ten clubs that are geared towards numerous trades, talents, demographics, and development.

​ One of the many Pasco County 4H clubs is 4H Unidos, pictured on the right during a Car Wash Fundraiser. 

Additional photos and information about Pasco County 4H Clubs will follow... please stay tuned!

4-H Unidos Fundraiser Car Wash 2