Residential Access Box

Emergency Residential Access - What You Need to Know

When an emergency happens, especially a medical emergency, how will we gain access to you if something happens inside your home?  You have multiple options to help us to help you better.  Here are a few options for giving the fire department access to your home in order of least secure to most secure:

  • Hide a key under the mat at your front door.  Under the front door matt is one of the first places that the public and criminals will look to get access to your home.
  • Hide a key under a rock, ceramic figure, or inside other decoration.  The key in a rock option was a popular option for years.  However, this no more secure than the doormat, but it is a little less obvious.
  • Install an electronic code keypad. The electronic keypad is much more secure than the mat or a figure, and the cost is usually under $100.  You can relay passcode information to our dispatch at the time of a call, or the passcode can be stored with our dispatch center beforehand.  Dead batteries are a failure point for this option as well as changing the code without notifying dispatch.
  • Install a controlled access box.  This box is the most secure and most expensive access option.  The steel box costs just under $200 and is available for purchase online.  Pasco County Fire Rescue currently participates in the home Knox® program and carries keys to access the home Knox® box.

What is Knox® HomeBox™ Program?

The Knox® Program provides Pasco County Fire Rescue with a quick and easy means to access an immobilized patient in a secured residential home when time is limited. It also minimizes potential costly repairs caused by forcible entry and allows the house to be re-secured quickly and easily.

Why Knox® Corporation?

Pasco County Fire Rescue has had a Knox® Program in place for over ten years, and cannot access lockboxes or switches manufactured by other companies. Knox® Corporation has been in business for over 40 years. The Knox® HomeBox is a high-security key lock box designed to provide rapid access for emergency responders to reduce response times and protect property from forced entry.  Over 14,000 fire departments and other governmental entities use products from the Knox® Company in their jurisdictions.

For More Information

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