Rent/Utilities Assistance

Pasco County's Human Services Department administers assistance for past-due rent, move-in deposit assistance, and electric assistance for the elderly. There is an online application process for the programs offered, and a follow up, in person appointment is required to complete your application packet. In most instances, there is a three to four week waiting list for assistance. 

If you are facing homelessness or a pending eviction, please contact the Homeless Coalition of Pasco County at 727-842-8605. If your electrical service has been or is subject to immediate disconnection, please call our Human Services Office at 727-834-3297. 

Qualified Pasco residents may be eligible for assistance with rental move-in costs such as security deposits and first month's rent. For move-in and past due rent assistance, there may be a period of 30-45 days after approval before payment is mailed to the appropriate party. Please be sure that your landlord is aware of this and agrees to cooperate with the program before applying.

The EHEAP (Emergency Home Energy Assistance for the Elderly Program) may be able to assist individuals and households with at least one current household member aged 60 or older with a past due electric bill, disconnect notice, electric re-connection, or electric deposit.