Development Services

COVID-19 Procedure Updates

Business is still open with the exception of the lobby closures:

  • Planning and Development Department is open and encouraging electronic files. The workforce is encouraged to work remotely as their current office space does not allow for safe social distancing.
  • Economic Growth is open and working remotely
  • All Central Permitting office lobbies are closed to the public, however the County has drop off and pickup counters or designated areas at each location.

Please click here for further Development Services procedure updates due to COVID -19. 

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Welcome To Development Services

Development Services is responsible for the coordination and direction of all activities associated with the review and issuance of permits, plan review, inspections, and development orders through the implementation of the Pasco County Comprehensive Plan and enforcement of the Pasco County Land Development Code and Code of Ordinances. Our business units provide planning, design, and enforcement services necessary to provide appropriate infrastructure for current and future populations and to regulate land use.

This is accomplished through the administration of the Strategic Plan charting the course for Pasco County and the implementation of the Business Plan initiatives that address the Strategic Plan goals. Building Construction Services protects the quality of life in Pasco County by enforcing building and land use ordinances, floodplain regulations, issuing building permits, inspecting structures under construction, and reviewing proposals for large-scale development. The Planning and Development Department guides the County's current and future physical growth through the establishment of a long-term vision, and the implementation and on-going enforcement of its existing development regulations.

We, along with the rest of Pasco County government, are striving to ensure that Pasco County is the Premier County for balanced economic growth, environmental sustainability and first-class service.

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Planning and Development Department
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