Pasco Opportunity Program (POP)

Community Development provides assistance to income-eligible buyers toward the purchase of a home in Pasco County if you have not owned a home in the last 3 years. Applicant households who make less than 120% of Area Median Income (AMI) for the Tampa Bay Area may apply for assistance. Funding for both programs is based on current availability for each income level.

What is the POP program?

POP is a partnership between Pasco County and several not for profit agencies. These agencies buy homes, have them repaired, improve the home’s energy efficiency, and make them available for sale to income-eligible buyers. 

Houses for Sale through Pasco Opportunity Program

*There are currently no houses for sale under the POP program*

To view all houses available for sale click here: Pasco Opportunity Program and then click "Search" to see all listings. 

Maximum Assistance and Payback

Income Level
Maximum Assistance
Required Contribution
Payback Amounts 
(Per Month)
Under 50% AMI 
(Very Low)
$111.11 over 30 years after initial 5 year deferral
Under 80% AMI
$69.44 over 30 years after initial 5 year deferral
Under 120% 
$55.56 over 15 years, immediate payback
New Construction
$1,250 -Low
$1,500 -Moderate
Low- $69.44 over 30 years after initial 5 year deferral
Moderate- $104.17 over 20 years, immediate payback

Buyers are required to contribute some of their own money toward the purchase of their home. Very Low Income buyers are required to contribute $500.00, Low Income buyers are required to contribute $1,250.00, and Moderate Income buyers are required to contribute $1,500.00. Pre-purchase requirements such as home inspections, appraisals, and earnest money deposits may be applied toward the homebuyer’s contribution.

Maximum Income Levels - Area Median Income (April 2020)

Number of persons 
in household
50% AMI
(Very Low)
80% AMI
120% AMI


To be eligible to apply for Pasco County Homeownership Programs, you must first take a Homeownership Education Training conducted by Tampa Bay Community Development Corporation. Please contact them at (727) 442-7075 or toll free at (866) 608-3220, or click here to register online.  To register for a class in Spanish, please contact Daniel Castillo at Tampa Bay Community Development Corporation at 727-442-7075  ext. 119.