TUG Service Requirement


TUG Service- is a temporary underground service supplying power to a new tract built home with
block walls.
This service is built on the house after lintel inspection has passed. All equipment shall be rain
tight and have a NEMA 3R rating and shall consist of Meter, Panel and GFCI protected receptacles.
TUG Permit- Permit is used only to energize the TUG service on the outside of the building.

Building Permit- The standard permit for the building in which a rough and final electrical
inspection will be performed in the normal manner.
TUG Services will help speed up the issuance of power to the building and eliminates the need to
have a temp
power pole (saw pole).

A Building Permit must be issued before a TUG permit will be allowed, and a power release will not
be issued until all impact/combat rescue fees are paid.

1)   It shall be the contractor’s responsibility to secure the Power Company’s approval prior to
applying for a permit.
2)   A TUG Electrical Service Permit application form (attached) must be filled out to obtain a
3)   The TUG service will not be inspected until successfully passing the lintel inspection.
4)   All equipment must be NEMA 3R rain tight and receptacles will be GFCI protected.
5)   See accompanying diagram for a Duke Energy typical installation.
6)   The contractor agrees not to energize any other panels or circuitry located in the building
without successfully passing Final electrical inspection. Any violation of this requirement may
result in Power being disconnected and the Contractor losing the right to obtain TUG services in
the future.
7)  All Building permit inspections will remain the same.