Natural Resources

Natural Resources

The Pasco County Natural Resources Division is assigned to the Parks, recreation, and Natural Resources Department. Its primary mission is to administer objectives listed under the Conservation Element of the Pasco County Comprehensive Plan.

Division Objectives

Objectives include the following:

  • Ecological corridors (wildlife corridors)
  • Ecological planning units
  • Elimination of exotic nuisance and plant species
  • Environmental Lands Acquisition and Management Program (ELAMP)
  • Groundwater and surface water protection
  • Natural resources protection
  • Wetland protections

Division Sections

To achieve these objectives the division is comprised of the following four sections:

  • Acquisition - Takes the lead processing ELAMP nominations, seeking and managing grants, acquiring land and securing conservation easements
  • Environmental education - Schedules educational activities throughout, participates in community outreach and coordination of volunteer support
  • Environmental review - Reviews site development, zoning, and variance applications as well as provides technical input to other departments
  • Land management - Oversees habitat management, restoration and maintenance on all acquired preserves and conservation easements