FDEP Permit Application Checklist

NOTE: All items listed below must be received and approved PRIOR to any utility construction

  • Provide two (2) copies each of signed and completed, as applicable, FDEP Water Specific Construction Permit Form (DEP form 62-555.900(1), FDEP Wastewater Construction Permit Form (DEP form 62-604.300(8)(a) and or Reclaimed Water Construction Permit Form (DEP form 62-610.300(4)(a)1 ) - View All Forms
  • Provide one (1) signed Pasco County Utilities Application for Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Extension and Permit Fees form along with appropriate permit fees or receipt of permit fees. This form is also located on our website at the same location.
  • Provide four (4) sets of signed and sealed construction plans showing the Parcel Id number and section lines. The project plans must include a cover sheet that is consistent with the project name and phase on the permit form and application.
  • One (1) CD with AutoCad and PDF plans as well as PDF’s of all paperwork submitted.
  • Copy of Receipt for Commitment and/or FDEP permit fees paid.

Approved FDEP permits and construction plans will be released once all paper work, plans and fees have been reviewed and accepted.