About Pasco EM

Pasco County Emergency Management

The Department of Emergency Management plans for and responds to both natural and man-made disasters. These range from floods and hurricanes to incidents involving hazardous materials or nuclear power. The department prepares and implements the Pasco County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, and routinely conducts extensive exercises to test county emergency response capabilities.

Pasco County Emergency Management staff members provide technical assistance as they prepare emergency plans and procedures. They also conduct emergency operations training for local governmental agencies.

After a disaster, the department conducts damage assessment surveys and advises our citizens on whether there are emergency or federal relief funds. The department maintains a primary Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in New Port Richey, FL. The EOC serves as the communications and command center for reporting emergencies and coordinating local response activities.


A disaster resilient community built through quality training, proactive mitigation, and swift and effective response.


To develop an integrated comprehensive emergency management program in an effort to serve our whole community.


- Respect

- Integrity

- Innovation

- Service Excellence

- Quality

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  1. Andrew Fossa


  2. Laura Wilcoxen

    Assistant Director

  3. Monica Santiago

    Operations Manager

  4. Ian Eppig

    Mitigation Manager

  5. Maria De La Hoz

    Administrative Assistant

  1. Courtney Wildes

    EM Coordinator (Public-Private Partnerships)

  2. Gina Watson-Haley

    EM Coordinator (Grants & Communications)

  3. Heidi Gibson

    EM Coordinator (Recovery)

  4. Krista Ditoro

    EM Coordinator (Training & Exercise)

  5. Krysta Johnes

    EM Coordinator (Healthcare)

  6. Nolan Ristau

    EM Coordinator (Mitigation)

  7. Charlene (Renee) Borden

    EM Coordinator (Planning)

  8. Sarah Salgado

    EM Coordinator (Mitigation)

  9. Steve Smith

    EM Coordinator (Operations)