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Every ten years the United States conducts a nationwide population count called the Census. All Federal funding is awarded based on Census results. With an accurate count, Pasco County could be awarded maximum funding. Over the last twenty years, Pasco County has experienced exponential growth in population and development, which means it is critical that we do not under count our new population. All Federal funding goes towards public services, such as our schools, hospitals, and roads. Help Pasco County better serve you! 

"Your response to the Census gives you a greater voice - the Census determines Congressional reapportionment, supports growth management, and determines how our community functions for you. Our goal is to reach 100 percent participation."

                                                                                 - Commissioner Moore

We are relying on YOU to help Pasco County count in the 2020 Census. This year the Census will be conducted differently; every household will receive an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census via mail. You may respond to the Census online, by phone, by mail, or receive a personal visit from a Census representative. Please be sure to respond.

Let’s Make Pasco Count!



Your Privacy is Protected
Everyone Counts
$675 Billion in federal funding comes from the Census
An accurate count on the census gives fair representation in government
You can take the Census Online in 2020
You can help by making sure you participate in the count
Census Data is used all around you
Its about redistricting
Local Governments and Job Creation depend on the Census
taking part is your civic duty
Its in the Constitution

Getting a Complete Count

  1. Complete Count Committee
  2. Getting Involved

Reaching for 100%

Getting an accurate count of an area is critical to receive the appropriate amount of funding and to plan for the future. There are areas that are considered "hard to count" due to low response rates- this mean less for everyone! To combat this, a Complete Count Committee has been put together to go into the hard to reach areas and get a complete count of Pasco County. Learn more here:

Each commissioner has appointed 2 members in their district to engage with the community at large, especially the hard to reach areas. The Complete Count Committee will lead a subcommittee of volunteers that actively promote and engage the community to spread Census awareness.


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Type your city in the dropdown search bar to see how your area measured up in 2010. The map colors represent the previous response rates - darker colors are high non-response rates and lighter colors are active response rates. Find out how your area measured up in 2010!

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