Fox Ridge MSBU

The Fox Ridge Municipal Service Benefit Unit (MSBU) was created on August 5, 2014 to repair roads and existing roadway drainage systems. These activities include repairing, replacing, or rehabilitating existing roads and roadway drainage within the Fox Ridge subdivision. Public Works crews and contractors have repaired existing stormwater drainage features in the neighborhood. Work is being planned to provide additional roadway drainage by re-establishing swales and to begin repair of the roadway.

June 2, 2020, Public Hearing - UPDATE

Due to the circumstances of Covid-19, the June 2, 2020, Public Hearing is scheduled to be held as a virtual meeting with Elected Officials, Planning Commission members, and County staff participating through video conferencing. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m. We are unable to state the specific time when the Fox Ridge item will be called by the Board of County Commissioners. Public comment will be available via phone or via email only. For more information, please refer to the Public Hearings page. 

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