Report Water Theft

Hydrant Water Theft showing the hydrant with illegal hose hook-ups from a side angle.It is illegal to tamper with Pasco County's water, reclaimed water or sewer systems, water meters, or fire hydrants. Doing so may result in property damage, public safety hazards and utility service interruptions. Illegally obtained water is considered a criminal offense. 

Stealing or illegally using water, reclaimed water or sewer services, hydrant tapping, and connecting to whips poses serious contamination risks to the water supply as well as costly damage to the water delivery system. Ultimately water theft leads to higher rates for all customers.

Help prevent water theft and illegal usage by reporting suspicious behavior and activities to Pasco County Utilities with our online reporting form

Customers located within Pasco County's Utilities service area who do not have access to water at their home are encouraged to contact Pasco County Utilities for legal options to obtain water.

Those in violation of the Pasco County Ordinance (Ch. 110, Article II., Sec. 110-36 (e) Unauthorized work on water system) may be subject to a fee of $500 for each offense, in addition to paying the total cost of all charges attributable to such tampering, and other penalties as prescribed by law.

Report water theft by using the online reporting form, calling the Utilities Code Enforcement Officer at (813) 235-6012,  Ext. 1935, or by mail to the Pasco County Utilities Administration Building, attention: Utilities Code Enforcement, at 19420 Central Boulevard Land O’ Lakes, FL 34637

*Image above is an example of illegal hydrant tapping.